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Simolution focuses on building simple solutions to complex problems. We help you focus on your core operation and let us handle your problems. We believe that lines of code which do not solve a problem are just the lines of code. That is why we dont just code, we build solutions.


About Us

At Simolution, we all start our day with a motivation to contribute in devising incredibly simple and smart solutions for you. We help you rapidly transform for the future with solutions that help you maximize your efficiency. We have a very special passion to work on complex projects. Thats where we stand out. Simolution provides strategic consultancy, project planning, deployment, management, maintenance and support. We also provide complete range of IT services including software development, cybersecurity, data centers deployment and managment and other customized software solutions.

Cyber Security

Partner with us to protect your information assets and mitigate security risks which can cause damage to your operations, finances and reputation.


Our strong team backed up by experience can help you plan and build your VOIP infrastructure and custom applications.


Customized and enterprise grade software development including web applications, ERP and VOIP applications is our hallmark.


Your IT infrastructure can be key driver for progress in building your operations and business support systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our customers' focus on their core operations while we solve their problems. While doing so, we focus on passionatly chasing the excellence!


Our Vision and Values

Develope in a sustainable manner and grow as a major IT company which has contributed not only in development of solutions for the world, but has also made a major contribution in human resource development while understanding and fullfilling our social responsibilities as well.

We are an equal opportunity company. Our core values include Integrity, Quality, Excellence, Innovation and Diversity.

We are your strategic Partner's and here it is why

We are a multi discipline has a strong proven track record. Simolution has completed numerous projects in various fields including IT and automotive industry. Our promise is to help companies and businesses grow through automation and customized solutions.

  • Excellence

    Our success is directly linked to our passion for acheiving excellence. We boast of the unmatched quality that we deliver

  • The Perfect Fit

    We design solutions which perfectly fit your needs. You will be matched with the most qualified staff according to specific requirements you set

  • Innovative

    We are not stereotype. What got us here, has been our intent to be innovative. We are not scared to experiment and device new methods

  • Cost Effective

    With experiences with the information systems offered today and we propose solutions which are cost effective and also easy to adapt and use.

  • Flexible

    Our suggestions and solutions are not only best fit for your organization but also flexible to fulfill the requirements.

  • Faster and Reliable

    We provide faster and reliable solutions for your business thats fits the best for you.

Services & Products

Our services and products for enterprises.


Information Security

Efficient Data storage and implementation over secure and crediable infrastructure have an astounding effect on your business performance.Application and infrastructure architecture designed with reliability, performance and scalability ensures A User platform of integrated applications and services to manage business effectively

Enterprise Solution

We partner with your team to smartly manage advance process management system, ERP, that allows your organization to use a platform of integrated applications and services to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services and human resources

Network And Infrastructure Development

Network Services management extends from LAN/WLAN management, unified communications to Network Consulting Services and Network implementation services.

  • Connect your locations together with a secure and reliable Wide Area Network services.
  • Connect better than ever before with business-grade fixed-line data network and Internet access solutions for business via Fibre Ethernet, ADSL2 or Ethernet over Copper capabilities.
  • Wireless LAN Connectivity assurance is a flexible data communication system implemented to keep everyone connected to the LAN no matter where they work.
  • Secure and Reliable LAN deployment and management services to keep your business strong right to the core.
  • Local Area Network Management
  • Secure and Reliable LAN deployment and management services to keep your business strong right to the core.
  • Now you can deliver real-life meetings using high definition video conferencing anywhere in the world without people leaving their office.
  • Use the cost-effectiveness of the Internet to change the way your organization makes calls, through VOIP Telephony services.


We help you secure a unique market position through product cycles modification, technology advancements and Pluralistic Collaborations

  • Develop growth strategies
  • Synergies
  • Data as a decision-making tool
  • Reducing complexity
  • BackOffice services
  • Costs Efficiency
  • Business restructuring services
  • Globalisation

Managed Services

Managed IT Services provide external resources to plan, operate and optimize IT infrastructures.

  • Minimized downtime
  • Operational efficiency
  • Specialized expertise
  • Economies of scale
  • Sustainability
  • Devoted
We achieve these milestones via our core functional and analysis process and business get
  • Minimized downtime through remote technical operations management.
  • Operational efficiency for Infrastructure and application specific expertise.
  • Specialized expertise for contingency and emergency plans.
  • High availability solutions for sustainable work flow in Project process management.
  • 24*7 remote supports for our valuable customers.

Data Center Deployment

We help planning and building the secure data centers while ensuring a collaborative effort to follow practices for stable and reliable services

Products And Services

A diverse portfolio of services is perfectly engineered to meet the enterprise's ICT demands in today's digital world.

  • Call Centre Planning, Deployment and Management Services
  • VOIP Services
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Telecom Revenue Assurance
  • Enterprise Project Process management systems
  • Complex Resource Management

Our Customers

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